Who We Are?

Our Mission

Dodo Retreats has registered offices in Hong Kong and Mauritius. 

Founded in Hong Kong in autumn 2023, we are getting Mauritius ready to welcome back tourists from Hong Kong (China) and Mainland China.  Before Covid Mauritius welcomed 90’000 visitors from Mainland China and Hong Kong (China). 

With flights set to return in 2024 to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai we want to be ready to provide a bespoke service to our guests from Asia. 

The mission is to create quality yet affordable villa’s for tourists to enjoy while on holiday in Mauritius.  All our properties are owned by us and in the future we will handpick through a vetting system to add other owner properties to our property list. 

Direct Booking vs Online Travel Agents

Commission is very high to book your stay through Air Bnb or Booking.com

Our goal is to generate 80% of our overall bookings directly with us rather than relying on online travel agents.  They take some 15% extra for each stay.  

We want to be in a position to pass on the savings to the end user by booking directly with us. 

Our Core Values

Honesty and transparency is what we thrive on, we are selling you an idea of a holiday based on photos.  We want to match your expectations with your experience

  • Provide above standard service
  • Employ and empower local workforce
  • Create an experience that will generate repeat guests